You have to allow yourself to be loved.
You have to let go sometimes, and just allow yourself to be loved.
To let someone use you in every beautiful way.
To be free and willing.
With an open heart and untainted mind, allow yourself to be loved.
Let them like you, understand you.

Show them who you are.



Just tryna find balance in life and in love. Sometimes they seem like two very different things, but once there’s balance, they become one.


my homegirl @beeEZ’s aunt. One of zee most beautiful woman I’ve seen. Thanks B.

There’s a lot of beautiful things evolving within myself.
Letting go of some things and embracing others.
I’m much better.


thanks Hillary for such a chill photo.

So many beautiful and challenging things have occurred in my life and that I’m grateful for. I have a completely different focus on how I view the world, the people around me, and most importantly myself. Im no longer putting off the art, work, and peace I can create now for later.

I have to be in constant motion with nature. My spirit, mind, body, and feelings I hold in my heart should always be in parallel motion with peace. I won’t have it any other way. I am striving for balance through every chakra and every relationship. Once you experience these moments in life (good or difficult) you begin to understand the meaning of getting through. Pushing through. I’m forever grateful for those times and even more excited about now.

I have a chance, and I’ve had many before, but this is different. I can set the tone and the tempo how I’d like. It was never about starting over but realizing me and who I am becoming. Life truly is what you create it to be, so let this universe be your muse.

Last night was epic.

Cash a.k.a Chuck Bars listening party @ The Kanek Downtwon Newark, 5/18

The beauty in getting to know someone.

Knowing someone.

There are things about people  you just won’t figure out, and there are things that they’ll share with you with arms wide.

I believe I have found that beauty in knowing someone. Getting to feel them and be next to them.

Speaking with them.

Like studying breathing patterns, trying to figure out their next sigh.

People reveal to you what they believe they can trust you with.

The beauty in knowing someone is understanding you’ll never truly experience their being.

Understanding that they have something sacred they won’t share,

and figuring out everyday what that could be.

I’ve gained new beginnings with people everyday, some good others taunting. Everything else loving and secure.

It’s the beauty in who they get to become that excites me.

I share this with you because I want you all to understand that limiting yourself is losing yourself.

Get to know someone new everyday.

Get to smile at someone or say hi to someone you’ve never met.

Or someone you’ve known all your life.

Ask them something you’ve never had the nerve to.

See what colors they like and what animals they love.

See what makes them smile, because the beauty in that is peace.

And whether or not they reveal everything or nothing at all,

it’s beautiful to try.


we struggle with the existence of our significant others and what they want, more than we truly know.

More than what we, ourselves, truly want.

There’s nothing like loving someone.

Holding and kissing someone.

Trusting and believing someone.

Sexing someone who’ll sex you BACK.

But when your sanity and your own spiritual protection becomes threatened, what do you do?

Do you continue to love in the midst of trial, do you take a break, or do you stop?

What about the love you have for yourself, if any? Trusting, believing in, sexing, appreciating, holding YOU.

I have loved and I have fucked up.

I think we all have and will at some point in time.  

I just pray that my own mental ma’at isn’t tainted along the way. Even when the prayer goes unanswered at times.

In love, I give out of unselfishness, with care, I give because seeing someone happier than me seems right. Seems fair, better.

Sometimes with my selfish and naive ways, I give. Love, time, money, I give all of me.

I love out of fear,  of being alone sometimes.  Fear that I’m not worth my OWN love..

and maybe that’s why it’s no longer there.

When things get hard along the way, love can bring you out, patience can bring you out, meditation and 

some balance in your seasons can bring you out.

You can choose to fight for your love, your sanity, your grace or you can walk away.

It’s not the worse you can do and it may not be your best, but some people and some circumstances are not worth the struggle. 

You know when too much is just..too much.

One thing I’ve learned in my journey of falling in love with the good and the bad in people, and most importantly in myself, I learned that this LIFE won’t FAIL you.

No matter what you do or say, your life is a story you can write, and re-write if you have to.

When you want to.

However you please..if you please.

This life will give you everything you need and desire, if it’s love from yourself, even love from another.

Faith. Time. Patience. Courage. Sufficiency. Strength.

This life will give you all that and more. Especially when you desire these things not from someone you love, but from yourself.

Now tell me,  How can you fail?

When you figure out how to fall deeply in love with yourself and say “Hey, I’m fucking amazing.”,

this world will bless you in unexplainable ways.

So if you struggle with the inability to love how you’re expected to love, don’t worry.

Your expectations are mere thoughts that hinder you from what you really deserve.

Self-Love is a CONQUERING attribute.

Because I indeed live and I learn, I grow up and I get younger, and I realize life is about chances.


As I blog this, one of my favorite songs comes on, a small reminder of how beautiful life is.

And how something as simple as SONG can make you feel on top of the world..

let alone on top of someone you LOVE. Ha.

Peace and Blessings. For real.

btw, “Sweet Disposition -The Temper Trap”..check it out one day..

Conflict of a Man -ERIMAJ

I like this.