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hi sugas..check out the dream catchers alter ego photoshoot..DOIN BIG THANGS!

if you’re having trouble seeing the video check it out on vimeo….



the anticipation for his new album is driving me crazy in the most positive way..

March 8th…tis all..

so..many of my friends and associates have been asking me about something so painful…so attractive…so profound…and i just couldnt help but blog about it..


i am in love with the human body and for people who know me well understand i love nothing more but to admire the human marked…scarred…whatever it may be it stands out and i ADORE it..

anyway..some know and if you dont you will in about 2 seconds know i have my nipples pierced..and im not ashamed, degraded, or scared to tell’s a piercing..on a nipple……thats it..

many gals i associate with want to know my experience  getting my nipples pierced and how to care for them…i cant speak for everyone who’s had or have their’s pierced so ill speak from my experience…and ill be quick…one minute man style ;)

from what i remember as far as the piercing process..german man…cold hands…needles….a pinch..relief…and satisfaction..

hahhaaaaa it wasnt as lonely and bad as it sounds my first time going (i did one at a time) i went with a good friend..the second time..a few good friends..and it didnt hurt (im lying the clamps they have to put on to keep the nipple hard and pierce it hurts like hell..not the piercing itself..but im a G hahaaa) felt like a sudden beautiful tingly sensation and it was done…

ive had my nipples pierced for about 2 years now..and they still havent completely healed but everyone’s body takes pain and heals differently the best you can do is to prevent infection by cleaning them daily with anti-bacterial soap (dial is what i prefer) and or sea salt water…you can clean in the shower or dip youre nipples in a cup or soapy anti-bacterial or sea salt water while reading a book..

some rings are bars some are hoops…or other cutesy dangling goodies..i never mind a lil sparkle and glitter on the gals *looks down* lmao…seriosuly though make sure you DONT wear fake silver or gold..nothing but the real..when you go get pierced they usually have sterling silver rings which should be personal experience have been great thus still learning to be more careful because any slight hit or irritation of the nipple rings can cause breakouts..infection..and aggravation

i hope that whoever decides to go that route and get pierced (or even a tattoo) just be careful.. take care of your body art…and remain beautiful..

and here are some links for taking care of nipple piercings and what to look out for when going to get pierced..

hope this helps sugas and any other question you may have hit me up via twitter, facebook, or HERE

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thanks to the beautiful charlotte russe (my job)..i am being introduced to new music each and everyday..

here’s a song from magnetic man featuring john legend that i fell in love with at first listen

enjoy sugas..

the night before i cried..

i fought with someone i loved

hoping that before morning we would forgive each other

morning came

tears still there

i swear the only thing that kept me from falling apart

was two bottles of apple juice and a radio..

afternoon came

i cried some more

we talked

cried some more

we won

i smiled

it was a long night…


its about 4:20 in the morning and im in the studio with my love…watching him work…it’s a beautiful thing but most importantly he’s happy…

any whoooooo…im tired :( …if i could crawl in bed and bury my face in a pillow i’d like that…a lot…

i’ve had plenty on my mind (positive and negative thangs) but sadly more so negative..

i’m just at a place where im realizing what i’m worth, what my relationship and my friendship means to me, and how i can be a better friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt, brother (all for you jojo)…just a better woman…still evolving..

it’s good to have people in my corner and it’ll be some folks that dont quite oblige…i just have to keep pushing..not everyone is gonna be on your side…not everyone will give a damn…and thats cool..

im learning to let shit that a sista cant control not consume my energy..but im also learning that the things in my life i DO have control over i need to put MORE positive energy into it..

mmmh cant say all i want to but i guess my point is to let go and let life take its course and the people that should be in my life will be there..the things that are suppose to happen in my life WILL happen…

continue to evolve and dont sweat the small shit!



i’ve been up on Miguel for a while now.i’m talking youtube videos and mixtape sugas..

he’s a beautiful artist with BEAUTIFUL music..check him out and follow him @migmoney on twitter ;)


friendships they come they go

but one thing i do hope is that with all the hardships and controversies and good times and bad cries

…mines last longer than summer days and spring nights..

i love my gals..and my fellas too..

i just hope we can continually exert love honesty and positive energy on one another because if i cant run to you then i have no one..

it never mattered how long we were in each others lives but HOW we were in each others lives

and i hope that i was a great friend and that i was loved

hope im appreciated and understood..

i love old my new and my future friends to come

i love you all…