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one thing i love most is thrift are a few pieces i picked up yesterday with my girl shajna…these threads are TIMELESS…

p.s. i dont have the best webcam…but you get the idea..

my favorite..a gold shimmer vintage button down…great for a night out with my gals..

black and gold vintage over sized seater..great with my high top vandals..

black and gold vintage sweater..

i also picked up some dope vintage earrings while my girl shajna copped an exclusive denim jacket and some amazing studds herself..

i dont consider myself a fashionista..but i do love vintage hipster shit…things like that will never lose its worth….



if you dont love who i am you can get the fuck away from my cypher..


regardless of my situations i know that life will throw shit at me and i have to be ready and willing to deal with it..i know that understanding is key and with all that i have been through and all that i am going through there is always something worse happening to someone who deserves better..thankful that i can make mistakes and pull myself back up..its when you fall and stay there you become a victim…


Vice President Omar Suleiman reported that President Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down as president of Egypt.

After days of protesting and fighting for their rights and the removal of dictatorship thousands of protesters exploded with victory cheers.

No one will ever fully understand the trials and tribulations that Egypt has been through, but in one way or another they have overcome some of them.

I hope for peace not only in Egypt but across the world.

I wish I had strength like Egypt..I wish all my people had the strength of Egypt.

I pray that Egypt continue to evolves and that we evolve..whether by force or in peace.

“I will not wash, and I will not take my medicine until he leaves. We need freedom, all freedoms.” protester

wale folarin.