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Last night was epic.

Cash a.k.a Chuck Bars listening party @ The Kanek Downtwon Newark, 5/18


The beauty in getting to know someone.

Knowing someone.

There are things about people ¬†you just won’t figure out, and there are things that they’ll share with you with arms wide.

I believe I have found that beauty in knowing someone. Getting to feel them and be next to them.

Speaking with them.

Like studying breathing patterns, trying to figure out their next sigh.

People reveal to you what they believe they can trust you with.

The beauty in knowing someone is understanding you’ll never truly experience their being.

Understanding that they have something sacred they won’t share,

and figuring out everyday what that could be.

I’ve gained new beginnings with people everyday, some good others taunting. Everything else loving and secure.

It’s the beauty in who they get to become that excites me.

I share this with you because I want you all to understand that limiting yourself is losing yourself.

Get to know someone new everyday.

Get to smile at someone or say hi to someone you’ve never met.

Or someone you’ve known all your life.

Ask them something you’ve never had the nerve to.

See what colors they like and what animals they love.

See what makes them smile, because the beauty in that is peace.

And whether or not they reveal everything or nothing at all,

it’s beautiful to try.