of me.

I am sweet and kind

always willing to give

to be given is nice and I appreciate that too

but satisfaction on another face is better than gold

because I have made change

I have moved them in some way or another

what makes me..Queen?

the ability to hurt and be hurt and bounce back

the struggles I have seen and have yet to see

cause life isn’t perfect no matter how hard you practice

and you alway get karma whether or not you asked it

what makes me..alright?

the knowing of negative thoughts and how to negate them

keep them far out of reach so I don’t become them

because we all have moments..mines more frequent than others

and we all have skeletons in our closets

yet we are not sistas and brothas

and I’ve been fucked up and have done fucked up things

but what makes me Queen?

the decency to be true

or at least try to.

cause lying takes up energy

but lying to yourself is trife

what makes me heavenly?

I don’t know..

could be the softness of my lips

hardness in my heart

cause I’ve been scorned a time or too many

but here I am

broken and wild

rigid and cold

and on my best days warm as fuck

cause  I still cry about abandonment and hopelessness

and I still run from a broken mother with broken promises

how can you give someone love you’ve never had

so I dont blame her.

my uncle walked right pass me today

maybe he didn’t notice?

I had almost died cause I wanted so badly to tell him how great life was

even if it wasn’t

with the intent to laugh out loud and rejoice that




what makes me Queen is the adversities I face





I am not a statistic and don’t intend to be one

they’ll make me think they have my life planned out for me

in ten years come back free

I am Queen

that piece on the board you just can’t fuck with.