felt like giving you some peace tonight. off the top. here it goes:

we are made up of lies. hypocritical bullshit.

false hopes and lasting hurt. we’ve bodied restless nights of tears and oil that burns through every inch of

our being.

we are complaints. we are loud screams that annoy and birth tears from our slave eyes.

our slave eyes that have seen the killings of brothers and the raping of sisters. yet we have done


because we are afraid. afraid of that karma which will come for us because of the damage we have allowed

thus far.

we are fear that you see in children’s eyes before their parents are slayed.

the fear you see in a womans face like an unplanned pregnancy to a man who won’t stay. 

we are the 99%. without healthcare, jobs, a voice, a face. the opportunity to learn.

we are what you choose to believe in, what you choose to value. morals become inconsistent with life.

life inconsistent with love. yet we are the truth?

be the truth. speak it. feel it. because without it we are a mere reflection of what nothing is made of.

the truth is not word on paper or a speech formed by tainted lips. but a presence where one feels a sense

of relief.


truth is the peace you have in your heart.

because that is what calms your mind. yet we believe are not contradicting our truths.

we are lies.