I just recently started follwing the amazing and fiery Kola Boof and I must say..


I would see her tweets get re-tweeted into my timeline daily,

and decided to stop playing games and follow her to see what all the hype was about.

I can’t even put into words the power and pull this woman has.

Brains and Beauty and she’s FUNNY.

Being an african novelist, womanist, Kola has opened up many doorways and have inspired me.

I can relate to many of the things she speaks and writes about, 

and it’s beautiful to educate yourself on the struggles of others and how they overcome those struggle.

There are things I don’t always agree with on her timeline but thats life, not everyone is suppose to!

and that’s what I love, you’ll be debating with her one minute and if she doesn’t block yo ass you’ll be alright :)

check out these photos of Kola she recently took at a photoshoot


website: http://kolaboof.com/

twitter: @kolaboof