*sigh* I’ll make this quick cause I need to shower and do more important thangs..

Kanye and Jay’s Watch the Throne album isnt all it’s cracked up to be sugas.

As far as substance and lyricism it’s WACK.

The sampling, beats, and hooks are what make it a decent album.

If you know me, you know I’m big on SUBSTANCE, I love for all music to move me.

I think I expected too much from Ye also..he’s arrogant but no one can deny his consciousness.

I”m not a big Jay-Z fan but Jay is known for spitting, hoping you dig deeper to find what he’s rapping about.

maybe if I sit with a doob and my breast out my opinions will change..


There are a few joints on the album I’ve grown to really like:

Otis, No church in the Wild, Why I Love You So, Murder to Excellence, The Joy..

I just wish Ye will go on another hiatus find some fucking inspiration and bring back fire.

Seems like when you have nothing else important and heart-felt to rap about

you got your cars, your money, and amber rose. wohoo.