its about 4:20 in the morning and im in the studio with my love…watching him work…it’s a beautiful thing but most importantly he’s happy…

any whoooooo…im tired :( …if i could crawl in bed and bury my face in a pillow i’d like that…a lot…

i’ve had plenty on my mind (positive and negative thangs) but sadly more so negative..

i’m just at a place where im realizing what i’m worth, what my relationship and my friendship means to me, and how i can be a better friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt, brother (all for you jojo)…just a better woman…still evolving..

it’s good to have people in my corner and it’ll be some folks that dont quite oblige…i just have to keep pushing..not everyone is gonna be on your side…not everyone will give a damn…and thats cool..

im learning to let shit that a sista cant control not consume my energy..but im also learning that the things in my life i DO have control over i need to put MORE positive energy into it..

mmmh cant say all i want to but i guess my point is to let go and let life take its course and the people that should be in my life will be there..the things that are suppose to happen in my life WILL happen…

continue to evolve and dont sweat the small shit!