so the other day i logged onto twitter and noticed everyone lunchin on my light…my hope..and my favorite artist in the hip-hop game thus far…..LUPE FIASCO..

well December 5th at 7:50 p.m to be exact =p ..Lupe gave his supporters a choice between another album or another mixtape and i guess majority album it was..

and by the look from my timeline and his responses…his fans were NOT happy..

it’s been a while since Lupe has dropped an album (for some odd reason it gets pushed back…and back…and back…) i guess that what the hip-hop industry as succumbed to as a constantly push the real shit back and give us crap.. and i guess many of his fans are tired of waiting and demand his album…ASAP..

then there were fans that belive that he shouldnt even have had to ask what was best..he should continue to go against the grain and do what makes him happy..and his people..

“But I’ve had a change of strategy. If u don’t like it then that’s fine. To each his or her own. But profanity and negativity ain’t called 4” -Lupe via twitter

i believe Lupe knows what he’s doing..and he isn’t necessarily giving in but he’s giving us something to look forward to..i’ll be patiently waiting like i have been for this album..or mixtape..

“Come on y’all. You’ve never had to pay for a mixtape. Some of y’all got hundreds of Lupe songs whilst it’s only 30 or so on iTunes. #realrap” -Lupe via twitter

even if he continues to drop single after single after single..i’ll be there downloading every link..

real SUPPORTERS stand up and hope and strive for nothing but the best..and that’s what i’ll continue to do..Lupe hasnt failed his people..

stay beamin sugas..

p.s. go take a listen to “in 2 deep” by Jr. Gong…cause Lupe muthafuckin said’s a real mind opener..