Mila & Fire Vintage is a fashion-forward driven store. All of the items are hand-picked vintage, thrift, and contemporary finds that exude an energy of individualism, style, and sex.”

“Fire & Mila are long-time best friends who have always had an eclectic sense of fashion and an eye for things that are different. Going out and hunting for vintage/unique finds and finding amazing pieces, gives them a high no drug could have induce. Mila & Fire have always been viewed as fashion-forward individuals, and found themselves always being asked to be a personal shopper, or to go out and find unique one-of-a-kind pieces for their friends. About a month and a half ago, Mila & Fire decided that sharing their passion with their peers would not only be fulfilling, but would be something that allows them to connect with other fashionistas.”

these beautiful ladies have shed light on the fashion world and brings vintage alive in many ways..thank you ladies for being amazing fashionistas, consistent and reliable sellers, and continue to strive ;)


here are a few lovely items that all vintage lovers and trend DESTROYERS will enjoy..

We only buy things we would wear. Mila & Fire Vintage gives us an opportunity to connect with other fashionistas with similar ideologies on style. We love style, we love vintage, and we love to sex up looks :-). Whether that is pairing extremely short jean cut-offs with an oversized vintage jacket and fishnets, or wearing an ornate printed shirt as a mini-dress. We are also very economic trend destroyers. We understand that everyone is on a budget. Why can’t you be fly, sexy, and have amazing clothes without spending your last dime? :-)” —Fire

TWITTER: @milafirevintage


enjoy sugas!