“I personally love being married and married young. And in today’s world people look at being married as a disease. When my husband and I got married everyone kept telling me ” Im so young, this is the time of my life I should be enjoying the world” And my answer was ” what can I do single or dating that I cant do once Im married?” And the answer is nothing! I still do the same things I did before I was married. I still go to school, hang with my girls, go shopping. But now I have someone who is always on my side. Im no longer wifey, or the girlfriend. Im THE wife and I love it. I dont have to ask ,” hey babe can i borrow money” , his money is mine and vise versa. My husband is my best friend and anything I need or want I find in him. We share everything and the security I feel and have with him is priceless. I see girls today and they constantly have baby daddy issues or boyfriend problems and I don’t have that drama. If we have problems we work it out right then and there and I don’t have to worry about little things causing him to leave. Its not easy and everyday we work on our relationship but, I love my husband and I love knowing that no one else will ever have him he’s mine til death and I am his just the same.” -Kiah Alexis Glenn-Smith

Kiah’s a close friend who recently got married and although she’s young it shows that love, marriage, and commitment is STILL HERE..thanks girl :)